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House Downsizing & Relocation Services

Moving to a retirement village,
or downsizing to a more manageable,
smaller home or unit?

We can arrange and meticulously plan and coordinate your whole downsize and move from A to B and accommodate most requests in between, or just help you with parts of your move – you choose. Our base is in Auckland, and we can move you to anywhere in New Zealand.

We use a professional house moving company and our team members are all hand-picked, respectful, honest and genuinely focused on your health, safety and wellbeing at all times.

Elder woman and her caretaker

We listen

We will listen to your needs and then prepare a tailor-made plan that fully meets your requirements. Included in this plan will be timelines, key dates for each process of your move, a floor plan of your new dwelling and an inventory list detailing how we will manage your chattels, furnishings and possessions.

Included in this chattel list will be all items you want packed ready for your move, gifted to a family member or friend, donated to your preferred charity, or sold on your behalf. We can also arrange for your belongings to be put into secure storage.
We are able to access specialist recycling services who will ensure that any surplus household, shed or garage items are offered to charities and schools for reuse, rather than to landfill.

Our charges are fair, easy to follow and transparent, and we offer full insurance coverage. This means you only pay for what you use or need, and there are no hidden costs or surprise charges.

We communicate

We will always communicate with you every step of the way, so you will be aware of our progress at all times, and involved in any decisions that need to be made.

Once everything has arrived at your new home, our team will unpack your belongings and place them exactly as you want according to the agreed floor plan, ready for you to move right in and relax in your new surroundings.

We’ve moved senior people who are artists and their priceless art collections, mechanics and their home workshops, musicians and their instruments, collectors, and people who simply need to move.

Whatever your requirements, please don’t be overwhelmed, panic, or feel stressed, Embrace Change can help!

Purple Flower Field
Styled Garden

Helen and her team helped me move from my home into a cottage at a retirement village. Nothing I asked for, was too big or small for the team to tackle and the team were friendly and helpful at all times.

They did a lot of things for me that were not on the initial list of items that needed to be achieved and I also noted I wasn’t charged any extra for these items I added. I believe Helen is not only a good person to help coordinate your move, but she is a person who you could see as a friend rather than an impersonal contractor!”

~ Rosalie,

We take away the stress of moving

Moving is a specialist area. We have the correct packing equipment, moving truck and people with knowledge and experience who aren’t in a rush or obliged to fit your move into their time schedules.

Our team will make sure every box is clearly marked, all items are securely packed, inventory lists are kept and updated. 

We won’t make decisions about whether your possessions are worth keeping or should be thrown away as rubbish. We will consult with you first.

We recognise some of your possessions may not be valuable in dollar terms, but they hold valuable memories or could be of historical importance, even if it’s only to you as the owner. Either way, all of your possessions are treated with care, respect, love and will be cherished while we pack and unpack them.

Gardening Together

Often, our clients ask us to only unpack certain boxes and come back the next week or even weeks later, to unpack other boxes and help them to settle in. Or, they ask us to come back and move furniture around or take it away as they decide it doesn’t fit, or they really don’t want or need it.

We’ll come back to finish the job off the way you want, when you want. We’re happy to work with you, to settle you into your new home how you wish, in a way and time that suits you.

We can clean and maintain your property once you’ve moved out, or get it ready to go on the market

Let’s talk about your move. We can help to make it easy.

Fern Leaves

Thank you for your sensitive approach to helping us move into our lovely new home. It was a pleasure to meet you both and your team were great."

~ Lilien & Bill,

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