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Deceased Estate Clearance Services

We’ll take care of everything
and make a difficult time
easier for you

We understand the emotional impact of losing a loved one. Dealing with a deceased estate, and sorting through the cherished possessions of someone you miss deeply, can be a vital part of the grieving experience. 

It can also be overwhelming, especially when you’re confronted with clearing a lifetime’s worth of accumulated items. You may not know where to start. There may be specialist tools stored away in sheds, collections of antiques, masses of documents and books, and so forth. What do you do with it all?

Embrace Change clears deceased estates and properties, working with lawyers and those with power of attorney, or tasked with executing the will, and family members. 


We’re based in Auckland, servicing a wide area from the Far North to the Bay of Plenty, and even further afield if requested.


We’ll do our best to make the process easy

We make a complete inventory of all items of property, so nothing goes missing, and organise their gifting or sale.

For items earmarked for disposal, we use fully licensed rubbish removers who are specialists in deceased estate clearance.

Once the house is cleared, we can make everything clean and tidy, or get your property ready for sale or rental


We contracted Helen and her team to clean out my auntie’s apartment and garage after she passed away and they did an amazing job. My aunt was a wonderful lady but she was also a hoarder and when we saw the state of her apartment we knew it was something we weren’t going to be able to tackle on our own. 


Helen and her team were a Godsend, she met us at our motel where we talked about the kind of person my aunt was and then we took her to view the apartment. Not once did we feel anything other than compassion from Helen, as we moved through the apartment she explained what she would do as far as donating, recycling, selling and disposing of everything and over the next month she kept in regular contact with progress reports and sending photos of things she had found that she thought might be of sentimental significance. 

Helen and her team were thoughtful, compassionate and totally non judgemental throughout the entire process and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” 


~ Robyn and Darryl,

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