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About Us

Helen Greenland and Simon Kirk

Recovery from a freak accident that almost resulted in the death of one of our family members opened our eyes to another world.

We experienced the impact of temporary loss of mobility, being bedridden for six months, then spending four months in a wheelchair, learning to stand and walk again, and constant pain. We also had to suddenly downsize and move from our large split-level home into a far smaller dwelling. These were all extremely personal, emotional, and painful hurdles we had to face, accept, and overcome.

What really made an impression during this time of recovery was witnessing first-hand, the way older people were sometimes treated. We listened to their stories, at times when they were unwell, recovering from an operation, a slip, trip or fall, or just generally feeling the effects of an illness associated with the later stages of life.

There was one common theme that became very clear.

Many of the people we met would tell us how they felt about some of their interactions with medical staff and even suppliers of day-to-day trades or services. They said they were often left feeling undermined, talked over, and sometimes even disrespected or bullied into making a rash decision, just because they’d entered the senior years of life!

This was the catalyst for us to launch our business, Embrace Change, more than 10 years ago.

We believe that just because your hair has greyed, or you’ve become a little slower on your feet, or sometimes the memories take a little longer to recall, doesn’t mean you are incapable of making decisions, don’t have any emotions, or are any less intelligent than you were a few years ago!

Senior Woman

We realised there was a need to provide a highly professional, yet cost-effective service targeted at the senior sector. Our focus has always been on respect and compassion when coordinating our clients’ changes in life and helping them move through their life stages.

At Embrace Change, we work with people from all walks of life and sectors and we love building a rapport with the people we meet. 

We have both worked in sales and marketing across many industries including jewellery, veterinary, fashion, retail, furnishings, antiques, advertising, software, and occupational health. 

We believe that our diverse life and business journeys and intuitive approach contribute to our clients’ experience. Whatever you require, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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